Centre County DUI Court Program

The Centre County DUI Court is a specialty court targeting high-risk repeat DUI offenders. It is a post plea/post-conviction court where offenders are sentenced to a five year term of Intermediate Punishment beginning with a period of Restrictive Intermediate Punishment (RIP). The RIP portion of the sentence starts with a period of incarceration (with work release if eligible) followed by house arrest with electronic monitoring for the remainder of the offender's minimum mandatory sentence. 

The DUI Court portion of the sentence lasts for a minimum of two years, during which time offenders receive intensive supervision from the DUI Court Coordinator, participate in mandated treatment, undergo random drug and alcohol testing, and appear before the DUI Court Judge on a regular basis for status review hearings. A DUI Court Case Manager works closely with participants to assist them in accessing treatment and ancillary services. Upon successful completion of the DUI Court portion of their sentence, offenders graduate from the program and transition to regular probation supervision for the remainder of their five year sentence. 

The mission of the Centre County DUI Court is to "Break the cycle of alcohol and drug addiction among repeat DUI offenders, thereby substantially reducing DUI recidivism. The program seeks to enhance community safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and by providing them with the tools to maintain sobriety through judicial intervention, intensive supervision, and substance abuse treatment." Below are links to a DUI Court Brochure, the DUI Court Participant Manual, and a DUI Court Application.