Open Records Request

Purpose & Effective Date

On February 14, 2008, Act 3 of 2008 was passed into law amending the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law (Purdons, 65 P.S. Section 65 et section.). The Act governs the rights of the public to inspect and obtain copies of public records. The effective date of the act is January 1, 2009.

Public Records

Public records are defined by the act.

A record is defined as any information, regardless of form, documenting a transaction or activity of an agency, is created, received, or retained pursuant to law or in connection with a transaction, business, or activity of the agency. It includes documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, film, or sound recordings, information stored or maintained electronically, and a data-processed or image-processed document.

Section 708 outlines a number of items exempted from the act which are listed in the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Exceptions (PDF) document.


The availability of records for public inspection is defined by the act.

Public records are open to inspection and for duplication during normal office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. prevailing time, Monday through Friday, except for holidays, subject to the regulations set forth herein.

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Open Records Officer

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