To Centre County Residents:

I am pleased to announce that Centre County’s 2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and Popular Annual Financial Report are now complete as of June 30, 2023, and available for your viewing.

Thank you to all departments that provided information and documentation to complete this report.

Finally, thank you to the staff in the Office of the Controller, for working diligently with our Auditors to complete this report.


Jason Moser, Controller

To view the 2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, please click here.

Controller’s Office

The Office of Controller is governed by the County Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is responsible for the management and administration of the fiscal affairs of the county as set forth by the County Commissioners.

The Controller’s Office is one of five administrative offices in the county which function as service providers for county departments. The office maintains the general ledger, processes accounts payable and payroll, all subject to the approved budget. Monthly financial statements are created and distributed to all departments as necessary to assist them in meeting budgetary and funding requirements, and to the Board of Commissioners to assist them in managing the fiscal resources of the county. Quarterly federal, state, and local tax reports are prepared and submitted along with required employer withholding tax payments.

As Secretary of the County Retirement Board, the controller maintains all retirement records and provides quotes for those considering retirement options. The office manages retirement benefits for all retirees

The controller is responsible for the internal audit function. Internal audits assess the adequacy of controls, legal and contractual compliance and good business practices. The annual external audit, conducted by the county’s independent auditor, is coordinated and supported by the Controller’s Office.