County Treasurer’s Office

The County Treasurer’s Office receives and disburses county monies as prescribed by the county controller and the County Commissioners. The relationship with other county offices is to facilitate the receipt and disbursement of county funds, mostly on a daily basis. This office distributes payroll checks to approximately 550 employees on a bi to weekly basis as well as 800 general expense checks monthly.

In addition, the office acts as an agent of the state in the sale of hunting, fishing, and dog licenses, as well as Sportsman’s Firearm Permits. Also, the office sells Bingo Licenses as well as Small Games of Chance Licenses and Special Raffle Permits. The Treasurer’s Office assists the state in generating over $165,000 in revenue for Pennsylvania and approximately $27,000 in commissions for Centre County.

The treasurer serves on the Retirement Board, which administers the County Retirement Fund of over $100 million dollars. The office acts as county collector / receiving agent for the Hotel Room Sales Tax. In addition, this office is responsible for acquiring and awarding bids for investing over $25 million of county money in local banks annually.


  • Investment earnings averaging over $236,500 per year for the last four fiscal years on the short term investment of general fund monies otherwise temporarily idle.
  • The Treasurer’s Office created and implemented a system for electronically tracking dog licenses issued in Centre County. This information is shared with the Emergency Communications Department to be referenced by the various Dog Law Enforcement Officers throughout the county: 24 hours a day; seven days a week.
  • The computerization of the record keeping for the sale of various licenses and the related reporting to the state agencies.
  • The ongoing implementation of computers into all phases of the office in order to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Implementation of a web-based point of sale automated licensing system for the sale of fishing licenses and hunting licenses to the public.