Consumer Alerts

Overcharges On Your Charge Card When Buying Gas

Gasoline prices have been changing frequently - up one week and down the next. Every time a change is made, that change needs to be entered at three places by the vendor:

  • At the fuel pump.
  • On the sign that advertises the price being charged.
  • On the credit card machine where your purchase is rung up.

Ron Williams, Centre County's Sealer of Weights and Measures, reminds consumers to compare the price recorded on their credit card receipt to the price on the fuel pump and the advertising sign. Consumers will pay the price per gallon that is recorded on the credit receipt - even if it is higher than the price shown on the fuel pump or advertising sign.

As a result of the rapid fluctuation in gasoline prices recently, some area businesses have not always changed the price per gallon on their credit card machine inside the store. If you find you have been overcharged, ask the store to issue a new receipt with the correct price.

If the problem cannot be corrected, contact the Sealer of Weights and Measures at (814) 355-8746.

Overcharges On Your Grocery Receipt

The Centre County Sealer of Weights and Measures would like to remind consumers to glance over their receipts from local stores. Retail prices in the local grocery stores typically are not put on the individual items. Instead a price label is put on the shelf in front of the item. Many consumers take for granted the price on the shelf matches the price that is in the computerized register system. Consumers can be over charged if the store put the sale price label on the shelf but did not put the sale price in the computerized register.

Also, many grocery stores have discount club cards for repeat shoppers. Card holders have the opportunity to purchase sale items at lower prices than non-card holders. Many stores offer items at "buy one get one free." Consumers should be aware, these items may not be in the computer correctly. As a result, consumers would be charged full price for both items.

If you find you have been over charged, please contact Ron Williams, Centre County Sealer of Weights and Measures. He may be reached at (814) 355-8746.