Centre County Reentry Coalition

Helping individuals successfully transition from life in jail or prison to life in the community.


The vision of the Centre County Reentry Coalition is to provide every individual/returning citizen with the support, tools, and knowledge needed to successfully and safely return to the community and through their own initiative, remain offense free.  Adopted 9/12/2014.


The mission of the Centre County Reentry Coalition is to facilitate and support the successful return of incarcerated individuals to the community.  In partnership with government entities, faith and community-based organizations, and other stakeholders, the Coalition will utilize a holistic approach that includes an emphasis on education, families, health services, treatment, employment, mentorship and housing.  In pursuing this mission, we shall improve lives, reduce recidivism, and enhance public safety.  Adopted 10/10/2014.

Scope and Target Population

The Centre County Reentry Coalition serves returning citizens who are residents of Centre County or residents who are returning to Centre County after being incarcerated in another jurisdiction.  Adopted 10/10/2014.


The primary goal of the Centre County Reentry Coalition is to enhance the successful return of individuals to the community and thereby reduce recidivism.  For purposes of this program, recidivism is defined as the return of any individual who received a county sentence of imprisonment, is released, and is subsequently incarcerated within three years of release.