Draft Development

The Centre County Conservation District along with Centre County Planning & Community Development Office and HRG, Centre County’s CAP coordinator, held an open house comment opportunity on December 18th, from 12-1 PM via ZOOM. At that time, stakeholders shared their comments, questions, and concerns with respect to our current draft CAP. The deadline for comments was extended by DEP at our request to accommodate more stakeholder input and additional comment opportunities were held via ZOOM in the following weeks.

While the comment period ended as of 1/22/2021, any additional comments regarding the final CAP can be directed to Allyson Ulsh to be shared with the CAP coordinator.

The following materials were presented during a joint meeting held by Centre County and PA DEP for Centre County stakeholders on 1/6/2021:

CAP- Phase 3 WIP, Centre County (PDF)

CAP- Centre County Technical Presentation (PDF)


Meeting Video (YouTube Link)