Transportation Planning

Transportation planning is the process of looking at the current state of transportation in the region, designing for future transportation needs, and combining all of that with the elements of budgets, goals and policies. It helps shape how a community or city grows by evaluating everything from streets and highways to public transit and bike lanes. It can influence everything from business to recreation to quality of life.

The Transportation planning process has many factors to consider. Modes of transportation, infrastructure, technology, demand and users are all needs to be considerations for the overall process.

There are numerous important goals in the transportation planning process. The key is to balance them while designing a plan that meets the designated goals.  The transportation planning processes includes many contributors. The thoughts and ideas from all of the stakeholders are critical to ensure a successful outcome.

The Centre County Transportation Planner serves as the staff of the Centre County Planning and Community Development Office and the Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO), which oversees all transportation projects that use state or federal funding.