Plan Resources


Plan Writing Resources

There are dozens of excellent resources that you can utilize to write your own plans. Penn State Extension has an online database to help producers understand the basics of Manure Management Plans (MMP). The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection offers an online Manure Management plan blank template as well as a Manure Management Manual for how to successfully write your MMP.

Below are some helpful links for more information:

  • Pennsylvania Natural Resource Conservation Service home page: PA NRCS
  • Learn about Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Manure Management Manual and Manure Management Plan.

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Growing Greener Plan Writing OPPORTUNITY

For a limited time only, the Centre County Conservation District applied for, and received, a grant to pay Contract Plan Writers to develop plans for interested farmers in Centre County. The Plan Writer will develop both plans if needed by the operation. The grant pays the Plan Writer directly (anywhere from $350-$1500 per plan). 

The grant requires the farmer to pay $50 (total).

Please call the Centre County Conservation District if you are interested in signing up for assistance from the Contract Plan Writers at 814-355-6817. We will add farms to our waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis, until the grant funding is exhausted.