Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) Newsletters

September 2022
The Centre County Planning Commission meets frequently throughout the year. In an effort to keep the Commission and the public informed about transportation planning related activities, the Planning Office develops a newsletter with information about funding sources, recent grant awards and transportation projects that have been completed.

PennDOT Connects Newsletters

Municipal Support
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and its regional planning partners are involving local government at the very beginning of the planning process. PennDOT Connects aims to strengthen these partnerships so that land use, development, and transportation are better integrated and more effective. 

Request Free Assistance
Are you involved with municipal land use and transportation planning activities? Could your municipality use assistance to help shape a future project? Or to learn how to move community planning and transportation goals forward by understanding the PennDOT Connects initiative? Act now to take advantage of this free assistance.