Transportation Access

Transportation access is important to getting to work, the grocery store and appointments. 
Centre County has many options that can work toward getting people to where they need to be. Transportation access can also be a challenge to our residents of Centre County for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we continue to work to find ways to support our residents to get the transportation they need. Funding is always a challenge to give as many options as possible, but Transportation Planning continues to work diligently to reduce the barriers to transportation. Below are options and activities and that work to make transportation more accessible in Centre County.

Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)CATA Bike Rack
Public transportation is provided by Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA). About 500 students, senior citizens, office workers, and others take advantage of CATA's bus and van system. In January 2005, CATA became the first transit authority on the East Coast to operate an entirely natural-gas-powered fleet of vehicles.

New in 2020 CATAGO: