Cover Crop Incentive Program

The application period for the 2023-24 Cover Crop Incentive Program is officially open!

Download the application here!

Farmers who plant a winter cover crop are eligible for the program. Farms using minimum tillage will be paid $20.00 per acres, farms using no-till will be paid $30.00 per acre, and farms using no-till with a multi-species (at least 3) cover crop will be paid $40.00 per acre. As there is limited funding available, the amount of acreage cost shared for each farm will be dependent upon overall interest in the program. A percentage of the total acres will be funded for each farm if interest exceeds funding capabilities. Farmers may apply for up to 200 acres per operation/farm.

Examples of cover crop mixes

  1. Small grains-wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and spelt
  2. Broadleaf species- radish, clover, vetch, field peas, and Canola

For more information or to apply please contact Devyn McPheeters at 814-355-6817 or Cover crops will be verified in the Spring of 2023 and participating farms will be inspected by the Centre County Conservation District for compliance with the Chapter 91 Manure Management Plan and Chapter 102 Agricultural Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. Funding for the program comes from our Countywide Action Plan (CAP). The deadline to apply for the Centre County Conservation District Cover Crop Incentive Program is December 1, 2023.