Probation & Parole

The Centre County Probation and Parole Department is an arm of the Centre County Court of Common Pleas. The department provides both adult and juvenile probation and parole services to the Court. In addition to supervising sentenced offenders in the community, the department prepares pre-sentence investigations for adult offenders and social case histories for juveniles as an aid to the court in sentencing/disposing of cases. The department is also charged with the responsibility to collect all court ordered fines, costs, fees, and restitution as ordered by the Court. This is done through the establishment and enforcement of payment contracts with offenders.

  • The Department has the following programs in place:
  • School-Based Juvenile Probation Officers
  • Administration of Intermediate Punishment programs and evaluations
  • Coordination of Community Service as ordered by the Court
  • Coordination and administration of a Driving Under the Influence Court
  • Coordination and administration of the Adult Drug Court Program
  • Coordination and administration of Behavioral Health Court
  • Specialized Probation and Parole Officer for Domestic Violence offenders
  • Referral process for offenders to various treatment and/or educational programs
  • Intensive supervision for select offenders
  • Prison Program Coordinator – to act as a liaison between the court and the county correctional facility