Conservation District Board

The Centre County Conservation District is a unit of county government and a sub-unit of state government responsible for local soil and water conservation program administration, including education, delegated enforcement, and providing technical and financial assistance to landowners. Information and assistance is provided to the general public, school students, contractors, developers, consultants, farmers, loggers, cooperating agencies and civic groups.

The Centre County Conservation District was formed at the request of farmers and others in the county who were interested in the conservation of soil and water resources and land use planning. In 1954, Centre County was declared a district by the Board of Commissioners. The district is a subdivision of state government and is currently administered by a seven-member Board of Directors.

Meeting Schedule

Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm in Room 146 of the Willowbank Office Building.


The Centre County Conservation District Board of Directors is comprised of at least four farm directors, no less than two public directors and one county commissioner director. The members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Term Length

4 Years

Current Members

Board MemberDirector TypeTerm Expires
Robert Shannon, Chairman
December 31, 2025
Jim HouserFarmer DirectorDecember 31, 2026
Steven G. Dershem
December 31, 2024
Thomas Boldin
FarmerDecember 31, 2027
Mike MessinaPublicDecember 31, 2027
Chris IshlerFarmer DirectorDecember 31, 2024
Ginger Breon
December 31, 2025