Children and Youth Services Advisory Committee

The Committee is required by the Department of Public Welfare regulations. The purpose is to promote an understanding to the public on agency services, to consult on the development of the annual plan and budget, to make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners as appropriate, to raise funds for children served by Children and Youth Services, and to provide input to elected officials on the needs of Children & Youth Services clients.


The members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Term Length

2 Years

Current Members

MemberTerm Expires
Cheryl Speakman, PresidentJune 18, 2021
Desiree Fralick, Vice PresidentDecember 31, 2022
Judith Machon, SecretaryJune 18, 2021
Bill Speakman, TreasurerJune 18, 2021
Renea NicholsJune 18, 2021
Hillary HarisSeptember 30, 2021
Thea LeddySeptember 30, 2021
Michael MurrayDecember 31, 2022
Paul MorrisDecember 31, 2022
Darion ShawleyDecember 31, 2022
Michael Pipe, Commissioner ChairEx-Officio
Natalie Corman, Human Services Administrator
Julia Sprinkle, Director CYS
Vicki Keith, CYS
Katie Donley, CYS