Ethel Beaver Fund

The Ethel Beaver Children's Fund has been in existence since 1948. Its sole purpose is providing funds for Centre County children in the care of Centre County Children and Youth Services. Most of these children are in some type of foster care. Although the federal, state, and county governments provide funds toward food, clothing, shelter and medical care, these funds are not enough to provide everything that a child needs to nurture their development as a parent normally would do.

Foster parents provide love and guidance in abundance for free. Many foster families have several foster children in addition to their own. The costs of Little League registration and equipment, music lessons, school activities, graduation, proms, summer camp, Christmas presents, etc., are often limited for foster children. The Ethel Beaver Children's Fund attempts to provide these special things.

The fund is administered by the Advisory Board of Children and Youth Services. It derives its funds strictly from donations and 100% of the money donated goes to the children. There are no expenses because the members donate their time and abilities. They do this because they feel that these children should have the same advantages as other children and should not have to feel deprived.


Tax-deductible donations to the Ethel Beaver Fund may be sent to: The Ethel Beaver Children's Fund
c/o Centre County Children and Youth Services
420 Holmes Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Donate using your credit card via PayPal: