Go Reentry


Our Mission

Enormous barriers greatly hinder formerly incarcerated individuals that usually lead to failure and the beginning of another cycle of incarceration. Go Reentry Specialists exists to serve those leaving incarceration and returning to their communities. We work with local prisons as well as organizations that help those leaving incarceration. In addition, we are a faith-based, non-profit organization that specifically helps individuals in Centre, Clearfield, Mifflin, Cambria, Jefferson and Elk counties.

Why We Serve

In Pennsylvania, there are approximately 80,000 men and women behind bars. Over 95% of these people will be released back into our communities. Our heart and focus is to help those who are re-entering our communities. As said by Chuck Colson, the founder of prison fellowship, “The road home is possibly the most difficult journey an ex-prisoner will face.”

As statistics have clearly shown, this journey is slow and arduous. Seven out of 10 individuals who are released will return to prison within 3 years. This is the tragic reality we are trying to change. Helping men and women break this cycle of recidivism is our calling and it is no easy task.

Of those released from incarceration, 65% have a history of substance abuse In addition, more than 30% have physical or mental disabilities that make the journey even more difficult. Many leave incarceration with little or no support.

Who We Serve

We are targeting the counties of Centre, Clearfield, Mifflin, Huntington, Blair, and Cambria to provide services as we are able.

108 Bending Oak Drive, Bellefonte, Pa 16823

(814) 644-1287