PennDot Automated Red Light Transportation Enhancements Funding Program

The Automated Red Light Enforcement Transportation Enhancements Grant Program (ARLE Funding Program) was established in 2010 as a PennDOT-administered competitive grant program.

The intent of this program is to fund worthwhile, relatively low- cost projects that improve the safety and mobility of the traveling public. The kinds of eligible projects vary widely from improvements to traffic signals, to roadway improvements at signalized intersections, to school zones, guiderail, and roadside safety.

 Funding for the program is generated from the net revenue of fines collected through Automated Red Light Enforcement Systems and Automated Speed Enforcement Systems. Grant applications are accepted annually during the month of June. This program requires no local match but encourages cost sharing. Multi-municipal submissions are encouraged and given priority. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate o positive impact on safety and mobility.