Internship Opportunities

This unpaid internship provides students with an opportunity for first-hand accounts and comprehensive knowledge in the inner workings of the Centre County Office of Aging.  Centre County provides training programs and opportunities for professional development by using up-to-date resources/equipment to assist employees and interns in the performance of daily duties. 

Typical student internships include opportunities to observe the following:

  • Observe daily operations of Case Management and Abuse Investigative Departments.
  • Witness Court proceedings including emergency interventions and guardianships.
  • Experience unit functions within Case Management, Protective Services, Senior Centers, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), and Ombudsman/PA-Medi. 
  • Gain first-hand experience on how Case Managers and Abuse Investigators work with Older Adults in the field.
  • Observe use of Needs Assessment screening tools. 
  • Learn about Centre County’s Cross System Collaboration Process.
  • Learn about Community projects throughout the county.

Different Learning Objectives to Expect

Case Management 

  • Learn about community resources available to older adults.
    • Centre County specific resources but also a general knowledge of the types of resources different communities offer. 
  • Attend Home Visits and Facility visits with Case Managers to complete Assessments for needs, services, and safety. 
  • Shadow case managers and learning how to complete the basic assessment.
  • Be shadowed while completing the engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation process.
  • Implement prevention interventions that enhance client capacities. 
  • Effectively utilize engagement and listening skills to gather the necessary information to complete a comprehensive assessment of the OA’s situation. 
  • Advocate for all of the Older Adult’s needs. 
  • Practice assessing the Older Adult’s strengths and limitations. 
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication in working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and colleagues. 

Protective Services

  • Observe abuse investigation visits with the Protective Services workers.
  • Understand the Older Adult Protective Services Act and how it is implemented within this agency. 
  • Review cases and understand the different ethical conflicts and decisions presented within each case. 
  • Gain the ability to recognize the extent to which a culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power.
  • Observe how Abuse and Neglect does not discriminate and affects all people despite, race, socio-economic status, gender, age etc. 
  • Observe court interventions and hearings and how a Caseworker would testify. 
  • Identify and understand personal bias. 
  • Observe how professional roles and boundaries are challenged and managed regularly. 
  • Observe and practice professional boundaries in the field.  
  • Practice professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communication. 
  • Meet with different peers in the AAA office and meet regularly with the Internship supervisor to complete “check-ins”.

Senior Centers

  • Research Human Development of Older Adults and identify activities to meet the needs and to support this life stage. 
  • Plan a unique program that is educational and enjoyable for participants.
  • Present programming in a professional and collaborative way to participants.
  • Receive feedback from participants and center manager to reflect upon experience.
  • Learn how to engage with older adults and build rapport while still implementing professional and emotional boundaries.
  • Practice facilitating a group. 


For more information Contact

Sheera J. Corrigan
Protective Services Supervisor / Internship Coordinator
Quentin Burchfield


Testimonials from Past Interns

“Interning with Centre County Office of Aging provided me with a multitude of opportunities to not only grow in my profession but grow as a person as well. The opportunities have ranged from creating programming at the senior center, to visits on cases that will emotionally challenge you with Protective Services. Each and every employee and older adult have made a positive impact in this experience. I have learned countless lessons and resources from this experience that I would not have had in the classroom or otherwise. It is one thing to learn from a textbook, it is another to learn from experiences and individuals. This internship has challenged me in a way that has grown and shaped me into a better social worker and person.” 

Sky – Lock Haven University Social Work Program (Fall 2022)

“I wanted to do my internship at the Centre County Office of Aging because I felt it was the best way to learn about human services and the unique demands of the aging population.  It has exceeded my expectations. My field experiences have been enjoyable, valuable and important. The Office of Aging is a dedicated group of hard-working human service professionals.” 

Brad – Penn State University Human Development and Family Studies (Spring 2023)