How to Make Child Support Payments

Defendant Payment Options

Centre County Domestic relations now accepts your Child Support Payment online at:

Centre County DRS Payments

Credit Cards

  1. Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order payments (purge/initial payments) can be made in the Domestic Relations office. Credit card payments can also be made in office as outlined in option 3.
  • Check or Money Order : You may remit a support payment in the form of a check or money order. The check or money order must be made payable to Pennsylvania SCDU and include your name and PACSES member ID or Social Security Number. Mail your check to:
    Pennsylvania SCDU
    P.O. Box 69110
    Harrisburg, PA 17106-9110
  • Credit or Debit card : Payments may be made with your credit or debit card through Child Support Bill Pay for Centre County, (recurring payments may be set up as well). You may also make a credit/debit card payment in the DRS office or by calling (888) 877-0450. There is a convenience fee of 2.95% of the payment made.
  • MoneyGram : Cash payments can be made at most CVS, Walmart, and Wegmans locations for a fee of $3.99. Debit card payments can be made at any Walmart for a fee of $3.99 or at MoneyGram for a fee of $7.99. THE PAYOR MUST PROVIDE THEIR FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, PACSES MEMBER ID, AND THE PENNSYLVANIA RECEIVE CODE OF 14677 FOR THE PAYMENT TO BE ACCEPTED. Payments take approximately 2 to 3 days to post. Credit card payments can be made on-line at MoneyGram or by calling 1-800-926-9400. The credit card fees are as follows:
    $0.00 to $300.00 is $7.99 customer fee
    $300.01 to $500.00 is $10.99 customer fee
    $500.01 to $1,000.00 is $15.99 customer fee
    $1,000.01 to $2,500.00 is $36.99 customer fee
  • Credit Card Line : Call 1-800-955-2305. There is a fee of $20/transaction (subject to change). It takes 72 hours to process payments.
  • Bill Pay Service : Check with your bank to see if they will set up recurring payments. You will need your member ID and SCDU mailing address (which can be found in the second payment option).
  • Checking / Savings Account : You can make payments at ExpertPay (no phone number). There is no charge for Pennsylvania residents. Please allow 14 days for the first payment to be processed. Subsequent payments take 5 to 7 days to process.

Reminders about State Collection and Disbursement Unit (SCDU) Payment Processing

  • If you need SCDU payment coupons
    SCDU only sends payment coupons to people who are not income-attached. If you are not income-attached and you have not received payment coupons, call your Domestic Relations Office (DRO). The DRO will help ensure that SCDU sends you your coupons. (Note: The fastest way for your payment to be processed is to send your payment with your coupon. However, you can send your payment without a coupon if you write your Member ID and/or your Social Security Number on the payment).
  • SCDU Payment Address
    Send completed coupons with payment to:
    Pennsylvania State Collection and Disbursement Unit
    P.O.Box 69110
    Harrisburg, PA 17106-9110
  • SCDU Payment Methods
    Submit payment using one of the following methods:
    • Check
    • Money order
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) /Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Make payments payable to Pennsylvania SCDU
  • When submitting a payment with a coupon
    Make sure the amount of the payment matches the amount on the coupon and write your PACSES Member ID and/or Social Security Number on your check or money order. Always make sure your check has been properly signed, dated, and endorsed.
  • If you have questions about your case or questions about an income attachment order, please call the DRO of the Court of Common Pleas that sent you the order. Pennsylvania SCDU is not responsible for the establishment of income-attachment orders or case management issues.
  • Payment problems
    If there is a problem with a payment you sent to SCDU(e.g. the coupon was not included with the payment and there is no information on the check to identify who sent the payment) there will be delays in processing the payment. This may result in enforcement actions. Such enforcement actions may include:
    • Notifying the credit bureaus of your failure to pay child support;
    • Suspending your drivers license or your professional license;
    • Taking your federal and state tax refunds;
    • Jail or;
    • Removing money from your bank account.
  • Stop Payment
    Remember to contact the SCDU customer service line at (877) 727-7238 before asking your bank to stop payment on a check or EDI/EFT. SCDU stop payment procedures need to be followed before you issue a stop payment on your check.

If you still need to talk to a Customer Service Representative you can call the Centre County Domestic Relations Section at (814) 355-6741.