Recorder of Deeds Fee Bill

Fee Bill

Fee Bill Calculator (PDF)

All documents require a stamped self addressed envelope for return. All deeds require a uniform parcel identifier (UPI) number before recording (contact the Centre County Assessment Office at 814-355-6721 for more information on UPIs).

Cash, check or credit cards accepted for recording fees payments. GovPayNet.jpg

Rates are current as of September 5, 2019

Document Type / Service
Deeds and mortgages (four pages and four names) $2 per page, $0.50 per name for additional pages or names$70.25
Easements, leases, sales agreements, right of way *(four pages and four names)$58.75
Agreements, branding, charter, condominium, (code of regulations and declaration of plans), consents, decree of court, declaration of taking, election to take, order of court, power of attorney, and any other instrument pertaining to real estate except as noted below: *(four pages and four names)$18.50
Assignments (with one assignment), release (for first mortgage, $2 each additional), satisfaction piece (for first mortgage, $2 each additional) *(four pages and four names)$60.75
Extensions of mortgages, order of court to satisfy mortgage, mortgage modification, rider, revocation, amendments, termination, correction instruments, and subordination *(four pages and four names)$20.50
Notary bonds$35.50
Veterans dischargeFree
Finance Statements (secured transitions UCC-1; assignments, releases, continuation, terminations UCC-3)$100.00
Plans, plat maps, and subdivisions (first page) Each additional page$40.00
Highway maps (first page) Each additional page$15.50
Act 172 filing fee (287)$10.00
District judges commissions$26.50
Police and other oaths$21.50
Certification and seal$1.50
Photo copies per page$0.50