Written Manure Management Plans

January 2014-- Pennsylvania law requires that all farming operations that land apply manure or agricultural process wastewater, whether they generate the manure or import it from another operation must have a written Manure Management Plan (MMP). All farming operations that include an Animal Concentration Area (ACA) or pasture must have a written MMP. All farms with crops or ACAs must also have an Agricultural Erosion and Sediment Control Plan meeting the requirements of DEP Chapter 102.

For farms not defined as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) or Concentrated

Animal Operations (CAOs), MMPs can be written by the farmer, although the farmer may benefit from getting assistance from the Centre County Conservation District. MMPs do not have to be submitted for approval but must be kept on the farm and made available upon request.

Our office has received a grant to contract the services of Plan Writers to assist you. Plans can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 each; however landowners requesting assistance from our contracted Plan Writers will only pay $50.

If you are a farmer or know a farmer who would like utilize the services of one of our Plan Writers, please call our office at 355-6817.

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