Education Resources

Education Materials
 The Centre County Conservation District has a variety of education materials available for public use.

Centre County Envirothon
The CCCD sponsors the Envirothon, an environmental competition for high school students on the local level.

Grassland Evaluation Contest                                                                                                                                               School groups! Consider participating in the PA Grassland Evaluation Contest--a competition aimed at educating youth about   the value and benefit of grazing, as well as, other conservation practices. PA high school students, enrolled in grades 9   through 12 which includes non-traditional schools (home, cyber, and charter), enrolled in FFA and 4-H programs, or school   affiliated club are all eligible to compete. 

Poster Contest

 The CCCD sponsors the annual Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts Poster Contest at the local level.

Tours, Workshops and Conferences

 The CCCD sponsors tours, workshops, and conferences throughout the year.

Environmental Organizations in Centre County

Watershed Map of Centre County

 Find the watershed that you live in with the Model My Watershed Tool

 Explore this story map of rapid delisting watersheds developed by Chesapeake Conservancy

Pennsylvania's Watershed Specialists (PDF)
 What are they, and what do they do?