For Partners

Welcome! Did you know that you are one of the 70 nonprofits in Centre County that have joined with RSVP to offer volunteer opportunities to active older adults in the Centre region? We applaud the contribution your agency or organization is making to the community and look forward to helping you meet your day to day needs with RSVP volunteers.

Community members are eligible to join RSVP at the age of 55. New RSVP members are asked to complete a Volunteer Interest Form [PDF] which helps the volunteer define his or her goals and gives us the information we need to provide you and our volunteer with the best possible match.

The information you (the site) provide on the Volunteer Request Form [PDF], which includes a job description, helps us in the same way. We can match your needs with volunteers who have the skills and interest to get the job done. When making a volunteer request, PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST TWO WEEKS ADVANCE NOTICE. We will make every effort to fill your request, however, our success in finding the right volunteer depends on their availability. Tracking volunteer hours can be one of the more difficult aspects of the volunteer experience for RSVP, our volunteers and our sites as well. We all recognize that volunteer hours can be reflected in community policy and funding, making every hour count. While we ask our volunteers to keep accurate records of their volunteer hours, most sites have their own method of documenting volunteer hours and send a monthly report to RSVP. Just complete the Monthly Volunteer Hours Report [PDF] and e-mail to Brenda, fax RSVP at (814) 548-1137 or drop in the mail.

How does my organization become an RSVP site? You must be a registered non-profit agency or organization to tap into RSVP volunteer resources. Just call Brenda Reeve, Project Director, for an onsite visit. You will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding [PDF], an agreement between RSVP and the agency, which can be renewed every three years. Your initial request(s) and job descriptions will be entered into our database. RSVP volunteers can and do make a difference!


  1. The Volunteer Station will not request, assign, nor permit RSVP volunteers to conduct or engage in sectarian or religious instruction, nor conduct worship services or engage in recruitment as part of their duties or to participate in any construction or partial construction to be used for religious purposes. If the sponsor of the site is an organization that conducts inherently religious activities, those activities must be offered separately, in time and location, from the programs or services supported by RSVP volunteers.
  2. Volunteers are prohibited from engaging in political activity or instruction such as electoral activities, voter registration, and voter transportation to polls and efforts to influence legislation.
  3. Volunteers are not permitted to engage in any activity which would otherwise be performed by an employed worker or which would supplant the hiring of or result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for service.
  4. The Volunteer Station will actively comply with provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Volunteer Station will comply with the RSVP policy which states that volunteers have the right not to be subjected to discrimination because of their race; color; belief or religion; sex; national origin; age; mental or physical disability; political affiliation; or past participation in the discrimination complaint process.
  5. RSVP volunteers are not allowed to receive a fee for service from service.
  6. Any volunteer stations financial support of the Senior Corps (RSVP) is not a precondition for that station to obtain volunteer service.