NPDES Permits for Construction Activities

NPDES Permits for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities

NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permits are required for construction sites equal or larger than one acre (equal to or greater than one acre of earth disturbance). The permit must be in to hand before earthwork begins. The requirements for an NPDES permit are set by Federal and State regulations.

8 page fact sheet describing the current PAG-02 (2012 Amendment) NPDES General Permit for Construction Activities [last revised 11/2012] (PDF).

NPDES permits are considered to be "Individual" (issued by Pennsylvania to Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)) or "General" (authorized by delegated County Conservation District). The location of the project determines which permit is appropriate.

Individual NPDES permits are issued for projects located in drainage basins Designated or listed Existing Use as "High Quality" or "Exceptional Value," (Special Protection) whereas projects within other drainage basins would qualify for a general permit in most situations. Official designations of drainage basins and streams are listed in the Pennsylvania Code. DEP's eMapPA website provides approximate "High Quality" and "Exceptional Value" watershed locations.

An NPDES permit application consists of several forms, letters of notification, an erosion control (E&S) plan, a post construction stormwater management (PCSM) plan, and fees. The forms can also be obtained from the Conservation District office. The components of an NPDES permit application are stated in a "completeness review" checklist- part of the NPDES permit application package.

Fees associated with NPDES permits are made out to different "payees" depending on the fee.

  • The permit administrative fee is made out to: Centre County Clean Water Fund
  • The $100 per acre disturbed fee is made out to: Commonwealth of PA Clean Water Fund
  • While the E&S plan review fee is made out to: Centre County Conservation District

NPDES forms for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Contruction Activities (Check this page often to use the most current forms)