Local Emergency Planning Coordinators

Local Emergency Management Coordinator

In accordance with Title 35, each municipality must have a local emergency management coordinator and an up to to-date emergency operations plan. The coordinator shall be professionally competent and capable of exerting leadership, planning, training, and effecting coordination among operating agencies of government and controlling coordinated operations. The municipal coordinator helps the community to achieve proper levels of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation for various emergencies or disasters that might affect the municipality.

Coordinator Appointment Information

The process for appointing a local emergency management coordinator begins with the municipality forwarding the name of the nominee along with the completed appointment form, the results of the criminal records check and a letter requesting appointment from the municipal elected officials to the Centre County Emergency Management Agency.

Local Coordinator Appointment Form (PDF)

Request for Criminal Record Check (PDF)

Coordinator Certification

PEMA Directive 2022-02, Emergency Management Certification & Training Requirements (PDF)

Municipal Associate Certification Checklist (PDF)

Municipal Professional Certification Checklist (PDF)

Municipal Coordinator's Handbook (PDF)

Elected Officials Handbook (PDF)