Dispatcher Employment Requirements, Qualifications & Benefits

Dispatcher (PST) Employment

As you can probably guess, handling a variety of challenges we face every day requires special people with special skills. Public Safety Communications Professionals are the primary link between people who desperately need help and the help they seek. We are looking for qualified applicants who are interested in a fast paced, rewarding career as a Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST).

We accept applications whether we have a vacant dispatcher position or not.

There are many steps to our hiring process. First, we require a valid application. From there we will contact you, by mail, to schedule an appointment for your initial test, the CritiCall Pre-Employment Test. Our agency uses the computerized pre-employment test known as CritiCall to measure underlying skills and abilities a person must hold prior to any training received, if they are hired as a public-safety dispatcher. This includes the ability to effectively navigate and use a computer. A test taker does not need to have any specialized dispatcher knowledge or training to be able to read, understand, or answer the sections of the pre-employment test. For more information on CritiCall testing, or to prepare for CritiCall testing, please refer to these links:

If a vacant position is not available, you will be notified by mail with the option to test immediately, or later, when there is an opening. Candidates who choose to test immediately (and pass the test) will be placed on the interview list; candidates who choose NOT to take the test immediately are notified when we have an opening, and will take the CritiCall test at that time.

For more information on the hiring process: