Drug Forfeiture Community Grant Application Form

Drug Forfeiture Community Grant Request
What is the Drug Forfeiture Community Grant program? 

  • The program allocates proceeds of drug crime seizures to community programs in Centre County through a careful grant application process.
  • Through the program, funds that once were used to facilitate the flow of drugs and narcotics within Centre County, become assets to be used to reduce crime and assist treatment and prevention programs within Centre County.

How does a community based program apply for funds from the drug forfeiture fund? 

  • Drug forfeiture grant application forms for requests of $2,999.00 and below will be reviewed annually by a committee who makes recommendations to the District Attorney.
  • Drug forfeiture community reinvestment grants are awarded through an application process with all requests reviewed by committee, which then forwards their recommendations to the District Attorney.
  • Applications must be received by September 30th of each year and grants will be awarded prior to the end of the year.
  • Drug Forfeiture Community Grant Application.

Why offer drug forfeiture funds to local organizations? 

  • Pennsylvania Statutes authorize the District Attorney to take funds from illegal drug activity and direct it to community organizations.
  • Investing in youth education and intervention programs has been shown to reduce crime, delinquency and costs to society.
  • Helping to fund and implement crime prevention and intervention programs that are evidence based or prove promising to encourage positive behavior, strengthen families and improve youth development are in the public interest.