Centre County Heroin and Opioid, Prevention and Education (HOPE) Initiative and HOPE Advisory Board


In May 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was executed, formally creating the Centre County Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education (HOPE) Initiative. Members of the HOPE Initiative include those from the prevention, treatment, and recovery community; agencies involved in the Criminal Justice System; and members of the community affected by addiction.

The Centre County HOPE Initiative works to eliminate substance abuse, drug overdoses, and drug overdose deaths in Centre County.

The Coalition and its members will achieve this goal through dedicated outreach, effective education, raising awareness, and supporting the availability of recovery support and treatment options to all members of our community.

The Centre County HOPE Initiative meets every month at the Centre County Correctional Facility in the Community Room.

In March of 2019, the Board of Commissioners approved the by-laws creating the structure of the HOPE Advisory Board. The HOPE Advisory Board members are a broad-based representation of the community who meet monthly to discuss and advise on issues for the HOPE Initiative including: funding opportunities, participating in events, development of strategic plans, grant applications, etc. The Advisory Board of HOPE consists of the following representatives or their designees:

  • Board of Commissioners (no more than one County Commissioner)
  • County Administrator
  • County Human Services Administrator
  • Representative from County MH/ID EI D&A Office
  • County Criminal Justice Representative
  • Law Enforcement Representative
  • County District Attorney
  • Medical Field Representative
  • Experienced Life Representative
  • Education Representative
  • Youth Serving Organization Representative
  • Faith Based Representative
  • Community Member Representative
  • Invested Family Member Representative