What happens if my Part D Plan doesn't cover all of the drugs that PACE/PACENET covers?
If your Part D plan has a restrictive drug formulary, PACE/PACENET will cover your prescription medications or work directly with the plan to process a prior authorization on your behalf so the drugs will be covered by your Part D plan.

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1. If I have PACE or PACENET, why should I enroll in Part D?
2. Are all PACE/PACENET cardholders enrolled in Part D?
3. How do I know if PACE/PACENET has enrolled me in Medicare Part D?
4. I have not received any letter or other information from PACE or PACENET about how they will work with my Part D plan.
5. Will I receive an identification card from the Part D plan PACE/PACENET enrolled me in?
6. I am not currently enrolled in PACE or PACENET. If I enroll in the program, will I automatically be enrolled in Part D?
7. Who will pay the Part D premium?
8. I am enrolled in PACENET. If I do not enroll in Part D, what will I have to pay?
9. Should I sign up for automatic Part D premium deductions from my Social Security?
10. I've received a coupon booklet for premium payments from my Part D plan; should I send them payments?
11. If I am enrolled in Part D, will I still use my PACE or PACENET card?
12. Will my co-payments be higher with PACE/PACENET and Medicare Part D?
13. What happens if my Part D Plan charges lower co-payments than PACE/PACENET?
14. Many Part D plans stop their coverage after you reach a certain dollar limit. This is referred to as the "donut hole" or "coverage gap." How will this work if I have PACE/PACENET?
15. What happens if my Part D Plan doesn't cover all of the drugs that PACE/PACENET covers?
16. Can I go to any pharmacy I choose if I am in PACE and Medicare Part D?
17. If my Part D plan offers a mail-order service, can I use it?
18. Where can I get a list of the mail-order pharmacies that I can use?
19. How did the program decide which Part D plan to enroll me in?
20. Which Part D Plans are partnering with PACE/PACENET?
21. Are these the only plans that I can enroll in?
22. Where can I get more information about the Part D plans available in PA?
23. Can I pick a different plan from the one that the program has chosen for me?
24. If I am already enrolled in a Part D plan and have been paying my monthly premium to the plan, will I still be switched to the Part D plan that the PACE program picked for me?
25. What should I do if I receive a bill from my Part D plan for the monthly premium?
26. If I am in a Medicare Advantage Plan without prescription drug coverage, do I have to change plans to enroll in Part D?
27. Do I have to enroll in Part D if I am enrolled in PACE/PACENET?
28. I am enrolled in PACE/PACENET and receive benefits from the Veteran's Administration (VA). Do I need to enroll in Medicare Part D?
29. I am a State Employee Retiree and have health coverage through PEBTF/REHP. Should I enroll in a Medicare Part D plan?