What activities should be reported to Fraud Hotline?
We encourage you to report:

  • Suspected theft or misuse of County property or cash.

  • Forgery or alteration of checks, receipts, or bank statements.

  • Submission of illegitimate vendor invoices for payment.

  • Knowingly presenting a false claim for payment, for example, to the federal government or Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW).

  • Falsification of expense reimbursements.

  • False reporting or communicating of financial information.

  • Conflict of interest — accepting anything of material value from vendors, consultants, or contractors doing business with the County.

  • Spending in excess of what is reasonable and necessary.

  • Computer related activity, destruction or manipulation of data or software.

  • False reporting of timesheets to receive pay or other benefits for hours not worked. Benefits include use of vacation, personal, or sick time.

  • Other suspected fraud, abuse, or waste.

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2. What activities should be reported to Fraud Hotline?
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